Adam Penoyer
Digital and Print Designer

Web Design Gallery


This page contains a few examples of my web design work. These projects were mostly completed for college courses. I have experience hand coding and working with WordPress.


This was an assignment for Web Development at McHenry County College. The assignment was to create a set of sample menus with different layouts using CSS to control the animation of the menu.


This was an unsolicited redesign. I completed this site for Web Development I at McHenry County College. The original site is almost entirely image-based and can make navigation difficult and searching impossible. My redesign features easily navigated menus that can be browsed by category.


This project is an unsolicited redesign. The video shows a slideshow I programmed with JavaScript. I created a JavaScript slideshow to make the page more inviting than the current text-heavy volunteer page the actual site has. The slides advance when the “next” button is clicked, and if the slideshow is at the final slide, it resets to the first. Also, the back button will not allow the user to go any farther back than the first slide.


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